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21 Oct 2014
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Oct 16, 2014-UK-What functions you want to enjoy from your bathroom shower head apart from the everyday bathing? May be you do not care about this question. But, this article from famous online bathroom shower head supplier 1ST-TAP will teach you other unforeseen function of the shower head in your home.

Relieving shoulder pain

Office workers need to sit in front of a computer during very long period of time at every day. If they keep this habit for a long time, their neck part will be easy to get fatigue and soreness. However, these busy bees should not have enough time to enjoy the comfortable SPA. In this case, the bathroom shower head will pay very crucial role. Each office worker could only open handheld shower and then wash their fatigue shoulder by hot water for 2 to 3 minutes and their shoulder will be slowly relaxed. This method just likes the traditional massage that will promote blood circulation of their shoulder. If people choose to use the discount bathroom show head from, the raindrop shaped effect of their shower head will let people enjoy the most pleasant experience.

Caring for cold hands and feet in winter

Many girls will be suffered from the situation of cold hands and feet in the winter season. This situation could not only bring with girls the uncomfortable feeling but also will easy to cause into frostbitten and other diseases. This is because that the cold temperature of winter will slow the blood metabolism and let the blood returning capacity be diminished and this should be the main reason makes the hands and feet especially for fingers and toes become cold. At this kind of situation, girls should pick up their handheld showerhead and then wash their hand or feet with hot water for 2 to 3 minutes until the fingers and toes become warming. At the same time, girls should not forget to rub their feet and hands that will let the effect become better and better. After this step, the comfortable sleep will wait for each girl as the wash by war water could also promote the sleeping quality.

Winter facials skin caring

Most office workers always wash their face very careless when they arrive at home after one day��s busy work. In fact, this practice is very detrimental to the skin of face. Coupled into the dry and cold fall and winter seasons, the face skin will easily become dry and peeling. If people think of the intimated shower head, it could be said that this man pick up a great deal. People only need to make the facial skin moisturizing by turn their handheld shower head to spray water stalls when they are taking a bath or release makeup. Then, they could enjoy the gentle touch of water vapor mist and their supple and moisturized face skin will come back.

Relieving eye fatigue

Nowadays, each people should cost large part of time to face with computer and mobile phone at each day and our eyes could not enjoy the enough rest. That is why most of people will easily have the feeling of eye drying and soreness feeling. If readers have eye fatigue, they could go to their bathroom and then turn their bathroom shower to water spraying stall to wash the around areas of their eyes. This action could play better role than the traditional eye tapping massage. It will promote eye blood circulation and then relieve eye fatigue.

Are you amazing about the function of shower head? If your answer is yeas, please begin to do the thing as we talked about in above articles. Wait, wait��.you say what? Oh��..You say your shower head do not has the so called water mist functions and others. This is not a problem! The only thing you need to do is to click website where you could find the shower head with all functions you need.


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